Title: "Glad of our Support"

Journal: New York Times

Place of Publication: New York

Date: February 25, 1908

Place: Congo Free State


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Glad of our Support.

America's Attitude on Congo Question Pleases British Foreign Office.

London, Feb. 24. -- Lord Fitzmaurice, representing the foreign office, addressed the House of Lords to-day on the Congo situation. He regretted, he said, that his information from Brussels showed that the attitude of the Congo State toward the demand that it carry out its treaty obligations was most unsatisfactory. He pleaded, however, that the Belgian Government should have a little more time allowed it in which to accomplish the reforms in the Congo region for which the civilized world was calling.

Lord Fitzmaurice expressed great gratification with the attitude of the United States touching the Congo questions. "I regard the co-operation of the United States of the highest importance," he said, "not merely because of the influence and power of the United States, great as these are, but because the United States could not under any conceivable circumstances be charged with what Great Britain unfortunately has been charged abroad, namely, purely selfish ambition."