Title: "New Demands by Leopold"

Journal: New York Times

Place of Publication: New York

Date: February 24, 1908

Place: Congo Free State


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New Demands by Leopold.

Congo Question Again Acute by Reason of King's Attitude.

Brussels, Feb. 23. -- The situation in the matter of the annexation to Belgium of the Congo Independent State again is assuming a disquieting aspect.

It is stated that King Leopold has taken back all his fair promises and now demands that the special fund which was to replace the Crown domain be placed under his control, and not under that of Parliament, as it was originally agreed. In addition he asks that $50,000,000 be placed at his disposal to carry out various projects.

It is understood the Government is firmly resisting these demands and is determined, if it becomes necessary, to resign, which would mean elections that would be be bound to result in the return of a majority most hostile to the King.