Title: "Congo Question in Senate"

Journal: New York Times

Place of Publication: New York

Date: December 11, 1906

Place: Congo Free State


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Congo Question in Senate.

Lodge Resolution Empowers the President to Take Action.

Washington, Dec. 10. -- Senator Lodge to-day introduced a resolution relative to the Congo Free State. It reciters that the report of the inhuman treatment inflicted upon the native inhabitants of the Congo Free State has been of such a nature and so well sustained as to draw the attention of the civilized world and excite both the indignation and the compassion of the people of the United States.

It resolves that in the opinion of the Senate the time has come when the affairs of the Congo Free State should be made the subject of international inquiry. The Senate advises the President that in any steps he may deem it wise to take in co-operation with or in aid of any of the powers signatories of the treaty of Berlin which shall seek to ameliorate the conditions of the Congo Free State and redress any evils now existing there he will receive the Senate's cordial support.