Title: "Leopold to Roosevelt"

Journal: New York Times

Place of Publication: New York

Date: October 21, 1904

Place: Congo Free State


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Debate on Congo Question.

Challenge from Boston for King Leopold's Personal Agent.

Special to The New York Times.

Washington, Oct. 20. -- The Congo question, which is being thrust on President Roosevelt's attention, may become the subject of public debate. Thomas S. Barbour of Boston, Chairman of the Philanthropic Conference striving for the relief of natives of the Congo Free State from alleged atrocities at the hands of Belgian officers, has challenged Col. Henry Kowalsky, King Leopold's personal representative to the President, to a debate in Washington on the subject.

At the Belgian Legation it was said that it was likely that Col. Kowalsky would consent to the debate. Col. Kowalsky is thoroughly cosmopolitan, has a great following on the Pacific Coast, and is a personal friend of King Leopold.

The President has before him the petitions of the Congo Reform Association, the Aboriginals' Protective Association, and the British and Foreign Anti-Slave Society, as well as King Leopold's letter of defense. The President has thus far taken no action in the matter.