Title: "Unrestrained Tyranny"

Journal: Los Angeles Times

Place of Publication: Los Angeles

Date: July 30, 1907

Place: Congo Free State


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"Unrestrained Tyranny."

System of Government in Congo Free State So Characterized in British Parliament.

[By the Associated Press -- P.M.]

London, July 29. -- "The system of government in the Congo Independent State is one of the unrestrained tyranny, enforced by the bullet and by cruelty."

These words were spoken by Lord Monkswell, who raised the Congo question in the House of Lords today and moved for the papers. The attendance in the house was small.

A general debate on the Congo question followed, and a number of bishops were among the speakers. The Earl of Mayo advocated another international convention in the matter of the Congo, and failing that, the appointment of more British consuls in the Upper Congo.

Lord Fitzmaurice, Under Secretary of Foreign Affairs, speaking for the government, said they were not blind to the fact that this matter was surrounded with grave difficulties. He said it was an international question, and if the House took any sudden, rash action, it would run the risk of injuring the cause it had at heart.