Title: "Called at the White House"

Journal: Evening Bulletin

Place of Publication: Maysville, Kentucky

Date: October 18, 1904

People: Congo Free State


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Called at the White House.

A Representative of the King of Belgium Meets the President.

Washington, Oct. 18. -- At the request of the king of Belgium, Col. Henry L. Kowalsky, of the San Francisco bar, and a personal friend of King Leopold, called at the white house Monday by appointment and presented the reply of the federation for the benefit of Belgian interests abroad to attacks made on the government of the Congo Free State. Col. Kowalsky presented to the president an autograph picture of King Leopold framed in silver. In the course of an extended audience with the president Col. Kowalsky said:

"Interested Britishers are endeavoring, under the guise of benefactors of the Congo natives, to open the question of sovereignty over these regions by calling a conference of the powers at which, it is hoped by the Britishers, England may establish the contention that Belgium is impotent to maintain an effective government in the Congo."