Title: Conditions in the Congo State. Grounds for Action by the United States Government.

Publisher: Judd & Detweiler, Printers

Place of Publication: Washington, D.C.

Date: 1904

Place: Congo Free State


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Conditions in the Congo State

Grounds for Action by the United States Government

Important Dates in the Development of the Congo State.

The founding of the Congo State resulted from the opening of Central Africa through the explorations of Mr. Henry M. Stanley. An association was quickly formed, under the leadership of King Leopold of Belgium, for further exploration, with a view to occupation of the country. The association, having received recognition by the Powers, became the Congo State.

Mr. Stanley arrives at the mouth of the Congo, completing his journey across Africa, August 12, 1877.

Comité d'Etudes du Haut-Congo, formed by King Leopold for study of conditions in the Congo territory, November 20, 1878.

Stanley revisits central Africa, under the auspices of the Comité, August, 1879, to June, 1882; December, 1882, to January, 1884.

The Comité becomes International Association of the Congo, January, 1883.

Tentative treaty of England with Portugal, recognizing Portuguese claims in West Africa as opposed to those of International Association, February 26, 1884.

Recognition of International Association of the Congo by the United States Government, April 22, 1884.

The Association promises to France a reversionary interest in its territories, April 23, 1884.

International-Association recognized by Germany, November 8, 1884.

International Conference of fourteen Powers convenes at Berlin for consideration of problems in Congo territory, November 15, 1884, to January 26, 1885.

International Association recognized by Great Britain, December 16, 1884; by Italy, December 19, 1884; by Austro-Hungary, December 24, 1884; by other Powers, December 27, 1884, to February 23, 1885.

The king bequeaths to Belgium the succession to his interests in the Congo State, August 2, 1889.

International Conference convenes at Brussels to devise measures for suppression of slave trade, November 22, 1889, to July 2, 1890.

At this Conference the Congo State seeks and gains permission for imposition of import duties.

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